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Delaware's 2016 Athlete of the Year is Katelyn Falgowski of the U.S. Olympic field hockey team.

69th Awards Banquet
Monday, Feb. 19, 2018


2015 MADISON BRENGLE, Tennis professional
2014 MARQUIS DENDY, University of Florida long and triple jump
        CHRISTINA HILLMAN, Iowa State shot put
2013 PAUL WORRILOW, Atlanta Falcons
2012 ELENA DELLE DONNE, University of Delaware Basketball
2011 DEVON STILL, Penn State Football
2010 ELENA DELLE DONNE, University of Delaware Basketball
2009 CASEY HOWARD, University of Delaware Field Hockey
2008 ELENA DELLE DONNE, Ursuline Academy Basketball
2007 TYRESA SMITH, University of Delaware Basketball
        CARRIE LINGO, United States Field Hockey Team
2006 IAN SNELL, Pittsburgh Pirates
2005 JACKIE CICONTE, University of Maryland Field Hockey
2004 ROCKY MYERS, Wesley College Football
2003 MARK ROMANCZUK, Stanford University Baseball
2002 LUKE PETITGOUT, New York Giants
2001 JAMIE NATALIE, Ohio State University Gymnastics
2000 MIKE NEILL, Olympic Baseball Team
1999 MARK EATON, Flyers
1998 EDDIE CONTI, University of Delaware Football
        KEVIN MENCH, University of Delaware Baseball
1997 MICHAEL McCARTHY, Delaware Park
        JANA WITHROW, University of North Carolina Field Hockey
1996 DIONNA HARRIS, Olympic Softball Team
1995 SETH VAN NEERDEN, Swimming
1994 DARRYL BROWN, University of Delaware Football
1993 DERRICK MAY, Chicago Cubs
1992 BILL VERGANTINO, University of Delaware Football
1991 VAL WHITING, Stanford University Basketball
1990 DELINO DeSHIELDS, Montreal Expos
1989 JOHN TAYLOR, San Francisco 49ers
1988 VICKI HUBER, Villanova University and Olympic Track
1987 VICKI HUBER, Villanova University Track and Cross Country
1986 MIKE HALL, Power Lifting
1985 TERENCE STANSBURY, Indiana Pacers
1984 GENE LAKE, Delaware State College Football
1983 CHRIS ANDERSON, Amateur Golf
1982 HENRY MILLIGAN, Amateur Boxing
1981 Georgetown Senior Little League Team
1980 RENEE MARTIN, Kansas City Royals
1979 JOHN WOCKENFUSS, Detroit Tigers
1978 TIM WILSON, Houston Oilers
1977 RANDY WHITE, Dallas Cowboys
        STEVE TAYLOR, University of Delaware Baseball 
1976 JOE CAMPBELL, University of Maryland Football
        STEVE GREGG, Olympic Swimming
1975 JUDY JOHNSON, Baseball Hall of Fame
1974 RANDY WHITE, University of Maryland Football
1973 RANDY WHITE, University of Maryland Football
        GARY HAYMAN, Penn State University Football
1972 CHRIS DUNN, Colgate University and Olympic Track
1971 JIM KRAPF, University of Alabama Football
1970 BILL SKINNER, University of Tennessee Javelin
1969 DICK KELLEY, University of Delaware Football
1968 ART REDDEN, Olympic Boxing
1967 GRANT GUTHRIE, Florida State University Football
1966 CHRIS SHORT, Phillies
        HERB SLATTERY, University of Delaware Football
1965 CHRIS SHORT, Phillies
1964 VIC ZWOLAK, Villanova University and Olympic Track
1963 VIC ZWOLAK, Villanova University Track and Cross Country
        MIKE BROWN, University of Delaware Football
1962 CHRIS SHORT, Phillies
1961 TOM HALL, University of Minnesota Football
1960 JACK MULVENA, University of Minnesota Football
1959 AL NEIGER, University of Delaware Baseball
1958 JOHN THROPP, Salesianum School Swimming
1957 JIM ODDO, North Carolina State University Football
1956 GERRY BLACKWAY, Conrad High School Football
1955 RON WALLER, Los Angeles Rams
1954 BOB TRIVITS, University of Delaware Football
1951 BERNIE BLANEY, Newark High School four sports
1950 RON WALLER, Laurel High School Football
1949 NICK BUCCI, Claymont High School Football
From top: Katelyn Falgowski, Madison Brengle, Marquis Dendy, Val Whiting. Left above: Carrie Lingo. 
Lower left: Delino Deshields, Tom Carper and Mike Neill.